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Statitec is a biometry company, created in 1996 and part of the MultiHealth group since 2017.

Today, a global provider in biometry activities in local and international context.

More than 25 years of experience in data management and statistics

Statitec has a strong expertise in Early Acces Program

Experienced teams and mastered processes

eCRF conception
Data management
CDISC implementation
Data visualization
Scientific communication
Tools expertise : Clinfile suite and Ennov suite



Products :
Drug, medical device, biotechnology, dietary supplement, cosmetic, food
Study type :
Interventional trial, POC, pilot phase, real world evidence, RWE, RWD, retrospective, prospective studies, PMCF, early access program (accès précoce et compassionnel)
Databases :
SNDS (French National Health System data), registries
Decentralized trials
Pre-market or post-market
Main therapeutic areas :
Oncology, neurology, cardiology, pneumology, gastro-enterology
Clinical Data Management applications
eCRF ( including an eCRF sef-design module ), randomization, ePRO
Clinical Trial Management applications
Clinical Trial Monitoring
rSDV platform
Dedicated platform for Early Access Program